Why we have Christmas trees.



Today I will blog about where the idea of Christmas trees came from.

The idea came from most likely Eastern Europe 1000 years ( Im not entirely the time is true so if any of you have any more realistic numbers let me know ) ago which was when most people hung pieces of branches in there houses. Pagans did it to encourage spring. Christians use it as proof of forever life with God. Romans used fir trees in temples at the time of the festival of Saturnalia.

Nobody knows when fir trees were used as the norm for Christmas trees. But another early Christmas tree thing was using cherry of Hawthorn plants or a branch of it in a pot so hopefully it would flower when it was Christmas time (Back then there was not about Christmas, it was mostly about god). If you did not have enough money you could get pyramids of wood decorated with paper apples and candles to look like a tree.  Also the pyramid trees may of been based off of paradise trees which was a representation of the garden of Eden. It was also a advertisement for plays on December 24 (The day of Adam and Eve) that were. showing what happened in the bible, the plays were for people who couldn’t read


Image of Christmas Tree from Good Housekeeping      I hope you all enjoyed my blog, my next blog may be Christmas related. I do not know yet                                                                                                though.

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