Why we sing Christmas carols. (It comes from Pagan culture)

Today my blog is about why we sing Christmas carols. Hope you enjoy. Also basically everything about Christmas is from somebody else, mostly Pagan culture.

The when carols were first sung it was thousands of years ago by Pagan people usually on the shortest day which is Winter solstice, also people would dance around stone circles. Then the early Christians took it over and only used christian / Christmas songs. in 0129 (Im sure I am not wrong on the timeline) a Roman Bishop decided we need to sing Angel’s Hymn at a roman Christmas service.

After that Europe composers wrote alot of Christmas carols but not many people liked them because most of them were in Latin and most people couldn’t read Latin. 1200 is when most people even stopped celebrating Christmas. St. Francis in 1223 changed that by making Nativity plays in Italy. The choruses were sometimes in Latin, but usually in a ‘Language everyone could understand and sing along.’ which made people in France, Spain, Germany and other places in Europe join in. The first real Christmas carol was made in 1410 but we only have a small fragment of it.

Most Christmas carols then were very lose and more for entertainment then religious reasons. Also they were mostly sung in houses then in churches. But in 1647 Oliver Cromwell and the Puritans came to power in England Christmas or carols were not allowed  any more, people had to sing them in private.

I hope you enjoyed my blog, the reason there is not a photo is because I hated all of the options.

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