Why we won’t blog for a while (Nothing bad)

Hello, today I am going to tell you why there will be a huge delay from blogs.

If you didn’t know why we don’t normally post blogs on Friday is because Friday is the day we go to options (More on this later).

So if you didn’t know (you probably do) we’re going to England on the 24th of October and stay for 16 days.

This Friday School is out for a reason I’m not sure so we don’t have to do any school work.

If you add School on Fridays too Weekends too England for 16 days too packing on Monday we get a sum of 20 days no blogs.

(This is very unrelated but there is a type of temperature called “Kelvin” which makes me laugh S O V E R Y H A R D)

(Also on a side note in my Halloween Overwatch Blog I mentioned that I didn’t have every thing I need to deck out Roadhog but now I just need a Legendary drop of coins (Parentheses in Parenthes: Which is 500 coins :Parentheses in Paretheses) or the item straight out of a box to have the Highlight intro I need to deck Roadhog out with Halloween items)

This is the end of the blog hope you can wait 20 days for another blog.

B Y E R E A D E R S.

(When were back to blogging well have a lot of England themed blogs about stuff we did so I hope you like England B Y E A G A I N!)

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