Hi, today my blog will be about the Why question because I want to try to write something in the summer. I only will fix grammatical errors.

Why? Why did it happen? Why is it necessary to the story

Why did they break up. Why did they fall in love. Why did she punch him. Why did he run away. Why did they flip out at their friend. Why did they feel the need to drink coffee at night? Why did the dog run away and why did it return. Why did xyz die

I hope you enjoyed my blog about the why question. The reason this matters it shows quirks and other little things that matter to them, it makes them less of a empty box. Also the question is for things that are not alive, like towns. Also works with animals. It makes things play out better in my opinion. Also random thing, turns out xyz is a band, I did not know that but Im still using that as a fake name because I don’t have to make up any names.

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