Winter Wonderland|Overwatch

Overwatch just got hit with a new event so I’m going to write about. Also, I’m Doing blogs Next week. I hope you enjoy this blog and I will write soon. Hope you enjoy my Christmas themed Blog.

This event started on the 12th of December and will end on the first day of January which would be 2018 and we might get a event ferry close to this one like last year. The event has New Skins, Emotes, and a new game. The game is called Yeti hunter but I will cover that in a little. The new skins are Really cool and a few are owl Themed. I like Ana’s (whose a character in the game) Skins the most because of how the feet look because they are talons and her face looks like an owl.

The new game is where the Yeti (who is normally Winston) tries to get meet and knock out the Yeti hunters (who is Mei) tries to knock him out. If either team loses it always end ups that the Yeti Hunter share food with the Yeti. I’ve played and only have lost once and I’ve only lost once. The only problem is how much XP you get. The most you get is 500 just from the game itself.

The map they edited this year is Black Forest but I’m pretty sure their is another map that got edited so we got 4 maps for this event that got edited . The best one in my opinion is Kings row Because it has lights and snow all around the map and the final area is a Christmas present factory.

I hope you guys and girls have enjoyed this blog and I will soon. Cya


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