Writing Scenarios

Hello Everyone, Today I am going to be writing about writing scenarios. They are meant for a character but I’m going to write how I would do it. I’m going to write about Two and tell you my response. The first one will be more of a joke but the second will be more realistic . I hope you enjoy and I will write soon.


If you could turn invisible whenever you wanted, what would you do?

If I could turn invisible whenever you wanted, I would become a inconvenience Hitman. It would get payed to inconvenience someone’s day for 100 dollars. I would record so my customer would be able to watch his friend and foe get messed with. He could pay for the standard (tie shoelaces, Trip them, and, Scare them if they turned a corner). Or the deluxe kit (Give them glasses of milk, have a remote controlled Rat or snake chase them). Their would be more but those are some of the examples of what the kits would be. I would start a whole industry for these hitman and no one will be safe, Mailman’s would put sticky sparkle bombs in your mail so when it is open you get hit with the sparkles and your shirt would be ruined. I would be the best since I could got invisible. And I would become a billionaire.

If you woke up in a foreign country and you didn’t know any words of their language, What would you do?

My iPad would have data So I could find where I needed to go and have a dictionary to talk. If I was my age I would try and earn money, Buy a plane ticket with it, and Go to Denver. When I’m there, I would find a phone to call Mom to pick me up and tell her what happened. Another thing I could do is find a pay phone to call mom and tell her I’m where I am and she would buy a plane ticket to come and get me. I hope this would never happen because I would be Terrified