Yankee Hill

Yesterday, We went 4-wheeling at Yankee Hill. We had some fun so, I’m going to write about it and the blast. I hope you’ll enjoy my blog and I will write tomorrow about Christmas and some of my presents.

-Sincerely, London

When we were super close to the trail, we went through a few tunnels which was really cool. We went to this small town of Blackhawk and central city. When we started, it was not eventful and not even that bumpy. When we first stopped there wasn’t much to do so we just took some air out of the tires because that makes even less bumpy. The course wasn’t too hard just that it had snow and ice to make it more interesting. We stopped a few times, but none of the reasons were for lunch since everyone was eating snacks the whole time.

The tunnel I went through

There was this one part of the trail where the road was Icy so you had to go fast and honk to tell the people behind you that you made it up. I thought it was fun cause you were always about to hit something but we didn’t. I climbed this one tree and it was kind of hard since I was standing on stubs to get up. It was harder to get down then it was up. The reason was I couldn’t see the tiny stubs was that I standing on them and my feet are bigger then the stubs.

Before we even went to Yankee Hill, I bought this cool knife. I which I could of brought it but it was to dull and I couldn’t sharpen it. There was this Really cool view where the trees look like the ground since there was so many and most of them still had leaves. I didn’t get a picture and neither did anyone else.

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