Hello, today I am going to write about what we did Yesterday. So basically if you didn’t know my Mom and Dad are divorced so I don’t see my Dad very much anymore only Saturdays and Sundays. So last Sunday (Yesterday) we (London and I) went to our Dads and as a surprise his Girlfriend his Girlfriends Son and his Girlfriends Dog were also in the car which was cool and then we went on a bit of a long drive which was ok but after that… we went to Goodwill and I got an M & M’s dispenser which I just researched and it is from a fair in Minnesota some time ago which is cool (P.S. If you didn’t know I’m vegan so I didn’t get M & M’s I got Skittles plz don’t sue me M & M’s) so another thing I got is a James P. Sullivan paintable statue because he is my 2nd or 3rd favorite Pixar Character (1st is Buzz 2nd might be Mater or Sully and 3rd can be Sully or Mater) (We also got the Paintable statue because Felicia a.k.a My dad’s Girlfriend is good at painting) I also got Sour Patch Kids and Skittles (Sour Patch Kids because why not and Skittles because I am using them for an M & M dispenser) after that we went to the Dollar Tree next door because London wanted to go there and as we were there we got Julie presents for her Birthday which were a ****** **** and a *** ** ********** **** ***** **** and a *** ***** for presents (I will fix the *s when Its her birthday) but I can tell you we got her a card) after that we went to Red Rocks  (just to eat lunch and some other things there not for a concert) after that we went to Felicias house etc, etc, etc then finally we went to Dads house and watched Monsters Inc. This is the end of  my blog so BYE

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