Yesterday at the Skatepark

Yesterday Todd and I went to the skatepark which we had a blast at. So today I’m going to be writing about our time there. I hope you enjoy my blog and I will write next week

We went with RC cars so we could have something to do. When we walked over we saw a tube where we could do loops. So Todd drove and I recorded him driving in it. I was pretty cool to watch. We then drove our RC cars into the skatepark. It was completely empty since there was no school but there was some kids and the park nearby. We did a few trick like go up ramps. Todd had a brilliant idea of jumping a ramp, going over a fence and landing in some sand. I recorded it so we can show people.

The first time Todd tried he broke the steering so that idea was short lived but I think the footage still looked cool. He walked over to the car to see if he could fix it. I drove the other car around in a area Todd could see. A kid was watching and I think she thought it was cool. I found this sidewalk that was bumpy so I road on Thant and this thing that makes the car slide a ton. When Todd came back and said it was broken which was a bummer.

Todd decided to turn up the other car to its fastest mode which was really fun to play. I rode fast and jumped faster. We took turns. It fell a lot so I slid down to turn it back up. I thought it was cool and I also could control it well. We left since mom was in the car sleeping because she gave us directions but she was really tired. We came home in a great mood

-The End

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  1. Fantastic Blog London. Sounds like a really fun time you had with Todd. Wish I was there to see you & Todd drive & shoot the whole thing. Maybe the car will be fixed shortly & you can do it all over again.

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