Yesterday. (PART 1)

Ello, chaps (I’m trying a different introduction) today I will talk about (If you didn’t read the title 1. How did you end up here 2. Why? 3. Ill, tell you what the blog is about) Yesterday. Yesterday we went to school (Only on Tuesdays) and it was AWESOME (Nothing new) so First, I went to Ameritowne (Meh) and we are gonna do a thing called Market Day where everyone who went to Ameritowne sets up A business and makes or gets stuff to sell and My group and I are doing Minecraft Bookmarks, Minecraft Beadart, and Minecraft Papercraft so 1st Period everyone who participates in Ameritowne go to 1st period Ameritowne to set their Businesses up then a few minutes later everyone 1st-5th is my guess goes to the people’s business and spend their money (5$ Market dollars) and buys stuff from businesses. At 2nd Period We went to PE and we were playing Badmitten which wasn’t very fun but had a little bit of enjoyment so I’ll skip it. At 3rd period we built things we did from Spring Break out of legos which were ok and Tj (my friend) and I built Red Rocks (My Springbreak wasn’t anything special his was) and it was fun when we showed it because after we talked about it, we DEMOLISHED it and said EARTHQUAKE. This blog will be continued Tomorrow so this is Part 1. B Y E M Y R E A D E R S H O P E Y O U E N J O Y E D (this blog)

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