Hello Everyone, Today I’m going to be talking about a game I’ve recently play, Zork. Zork is a word only game which means their is no pictures just text which is cool but kind of weird. I hope you have a wonderful afternoon and enjoy my blog.I will write soon about something else that I find cool and interesting.

Zork is one of the earliest games where you can interact with stuff like doors or windows. One of the  but the biggest part of it is that their are no graphics inside the game except for words and a dark background. The game had many sequel but I have only tried the first one. The games sequels are different then the first one because it has a different story and characters which is called an anthology. The way I can play Zork is very strange but isn’t even that hard. The way i play zork is in another game I play (Black Ops 1) you can go to a secret area and access a computer. You can use the computer for more lore or other secrets but if you type zork, you can play the game fully which is really cool

The games controls are very simple like N to go north, S to go south and so on. If you want to know what is the room you type L to see what’s in the room. If you want to go up and down you type U for up and D for down. Even though the controls are simple, you have to do some weird thing like tell a Cyclops Odysseus because it is his fathers nemesis and it runs away. I still like the game because it can be really funny like if you randomly type jump it says “Very good. Now you can go to the second grade”.

some Zork games have graphics where you can see what happens and actually move around so it is like a First-Person Adventure game like Uncharted and Stanley parable which is another game I find cool. Here is a picture of the white house you encounter in the first game and is one of the most iconic building in all of gaming. 






At the end of zork you go to this burrow which is the start of Zork 2: The wizard of Frobozz. Frobozz is the place where all the zorks take place. To play Zork 2 you have to not get captured by a wizard and control his powers. To end zork 2 you have to get to these stairs after doing everything else to unlock the stairs and you win. you start Zork 3 on the exact same stairs but your quest is different the the other two games. your quest is to become worthy enough to become the dungeon master. The game had a bad bug where if you had the sword you can get from the first, second, and third game you can’t finish the last puzzle making the game unbeatable. Luckily they fixed the bug so copies after the update were not broken and beatable with the sword.


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