Call Of Duty Black Ops 1 Zombies & YAW A.K.A You Always Win

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First I will be talking about Call of Duty Black Ops. I signed up for a notification on cheap shark because I don’t own the game so I want an email when it is cheaper. Below this blog entry I will put a link up for it on Gamefly. When I get the game I am going to install a lot of mods. This game is basically like black ops 2 but less upgraded. I don’t know the story or really anything about Call of Duty Black OPS.  I own Call of Duty Ghosts, which my brother really likes. Also YAW (You Always Win, which is a cool channel on Youtube) plays Call of Duty Black OPS a lot. I watch YAW on Youtube a lot because there are funny gamers and they do mods and holiday specials. YAW also does holiday specials like Christmas, Halloween, Easter and Valentines Day. YAW is one channel run by two brothers: Meaty and Brothergunns.



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