Lantern corps

Today I am doing a blog about lantern corps.Because I love Dex-starr the rage corps pet cat. My favorite lantern corp is hope blue.Second is greed orange. Third rage red. Ok now we get to my favorite lantern character Dex-Starr who is literally a cat from the rage corp #BestVillainEver Ok now we will tell you all the lanterns name Rage corp Red, Passionate corp Purple, Greed corp Orange,Fear corp Yellow, Love corp Pink, Hope corp Blue, Willpower corp Green, Life corp White and Death corp Black Finnaly Dex-Starr’s origin. Once as a litter of 5 kittens dexter was abandoned and at later was adopted from the brooklyn animal shelter his new owner loved dexter  because he was always ther to keep her company she even said that dexter made her life alot better and he would say the same thing if he could talk one night a burgerlar came in and dexter bit him and he was screaming in pane then he woke up the owner and she was not bit but  she was screaming and the burgerler then died and then a few night later prisoners found dexter and bagged him and threw him in the city lake then a rage power ring flew in detcting his rage inside and turned him into a red lantern killing the prisoners ok that is the end of my blog Bye.  download Sinestro_Corps_War JohnStewart53the-blue-lanterns-last-stand 3973557-2969119-6317773181-all_t sinestro-corp-batman2 2006445-dex_2 Violet star-sapphire-corps Green_Lantern_Alan_Scott_0008

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