Me complaining about a book

Hi, this is not going to be a real book report because people who write for teen females need to change. There shouldn’t even be a difference, basically books for teens need to change

This week I listened to a audiobook about a 16 year old hooking up with a 26 year old. That is a really stupid, romance shouldn’t be a young little thing dating a total dick, it should be two people with varying people falling in love, they should only need to change for themselves. In the end of the book she was completely numb to the word over a guy she hasn’t known for a month. Think of how any teen reading it will act. If all you read at that age is change for the guy while he only makes your life worse how the hell is she going to interpret that. He is being told girls will fall for you if you are horrible and girls read date horrible guys what the hell do you think they will act. The guys wont change for the better and may make them abusive when older and the girls will grow up thinking abuse is love. The girl shouldn’t need the guy so she can not feel self loathing in a book.

Romance also should not be the guy bullying the girl because ‘he liked her’. It shouldn’t be the girl ruining her life for him while he cant even put a clean shirt on for her. For example, Twilight. The guy is over 100 and is stalking a girl and watching her in her sleep. She puts herself in danger just to hear his voice. She turns into a vampire because she got knocked up by him. The only thing he does is risk his life. It’s a really toxic relationship and they should not have been dating in the first place. Teen romance shouldn’t be considered feminine. It should be for anyone and for teens it shouldn’t just be smut, it should be a good relationship. It will set a better example for teens.

Teen romance should be them both putting in equal effort and changing for the better. Teen romance shouldn’t be considered only for girls. The book should also have other stuff too, like if its a book in a war the women should also be going into the war with the men. Not just them waving while their husbands walk to the war.  In action books women should not be as useless as a paper bag except for the fact she’s pretty.

If you think Im wrong let me know in the comments. I am a teenage girl and I think it’s ridiculous.

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