Minecraft part 2

Today I thought that Minecraft would be a good topic so here is part 2 of Minecraft.  In Minecraft there is something really important to defeat the Enderdragon which is enchantments. You enchant most tools and your armor.  The only tool you cannot enchant is the hoe because it is useless in battle. The rarest enchantment is silk touch which is really good so you can keep the block so you can replace it somewhere else. some enchantments like feather falling and depth strider can only be on one type of piece of armor and tools.

so here is a different thing to talk about which is minecarts which is a nice type of transportation. There are many ideas like brings a chest minecart and mining with you to bring without losing diamonds so you can survive most explosion and get your gear back. so make sure you get the right idea . so here is part 2 of Minecraft blog so i hope you enjoy and i will post some pictures of our chickens.

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