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Hey, basically the reason Im blogging about this is because this summer I want to try to write a book but until then I have to post stuff. I think its gonna be a zombie book and try adding mythology. I actually have no idea how to write books just yet but until the summer Im gonna blog about stuff that I want or need to know for the book. I have a idea about a main character and what makes them different and how they are related to the cause but not the problem. Also I need to know the There Their and they’re, I know how to use them but I do not remember to write it that way.

What happened that changed them/the situation

What’s wrong  with the town, what happened, what were xyz’s last words. What made zyx break into pieces what  made someothername go insane? Any what question goes here. Also over do this one, it will make there motivations clear to you. And it adds personality and makes them less of a brick wall then answering only things that are necessary.  Because if you know everything about them, less plot holes .

This is off subject but Im gonna forget it so Im adding it here. Don’t just tell people what color the characters eyes are, tell them about the constantly smudged eyeliner or the sloppy bangs that are always in front of the eyes. Tell about the freckles or the constant glare that they seem to have.

I hope you could understand the blog, but if you cant im not gonna edit it because I can understand it the ways it is and it’s for me. Let me know about spelling errors, only that though. Bye.

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  1. I’m so excited to see what you do with this!! I recommend taking a story writing class to help you get started. It will help you organize your thoughts, which will help the grammar flow smoothly!


    1. There are not many classes here for writing, so far I have been just looking up tutorials on little things.

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