Where writing question.

This is for tomorrow’s blog but I have time for it now so I am posting it today.

Where Ex. did something change, and how its remembered

Where did they break up, where are they in time and place. Where do they hate with their entire heart. Where did they punch some guy? Where did they decide to go on a road trip, where did they go. Where did they snap. Where are they not allowed to go back to? Where do they want to go with all of her heart but can’t? Where they lives actually matters a lot, it can tell how they think of water to how they smell. If they work a a bar they could smell like rum. Where are they living, this affects their  accent, if they are from boston they will probably have a boston accent, and smell like the sea. If there ancestors are from wil define they culture and skin and hair. The last bit went off the rails. Where did they get married and did the groom/bride like the location and does the place remind them of love or pain?

I hope you could understand the blog.

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